Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mee Sua Soup At Seng Kee

Apparently Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup (成基面线) is known for its herbal soup and mee sua (面线, super thin wheat noodles), and has been around for at least a decade. I never knew that! Didn't even know it existed. Okay lah, not surprising because I didn't grow up with this type of food or live in the east. Hehehehe. Our friends took us to supper at its original branch on Changi Road.

The friends said it's known for the classic mee sua soup with pork liver, kidney and lean bits. No pig's stomach. Hehehe. I opted for only lean meats since I wouldn't be eating much of those. The soup was seriously herbal. Black chicken soup. And I didn't know what herbs had gone into the stock. I wasn't too worried because I had earlier taken an antihistamine for a separate allergy. So it should help alleviate any more flare-ups from the herbs. But to be safe, I avoided drinking the soup after the first two spoonfuls. It was pretty good though.

It's a non air-conditioned big eatery spanning a few units. It's open for business in the evenings all the way till 4am. Impressive. The kitchen did a full range of zi char dishes. The friends' eyes were obviously bigger than their stomachs. I thought we were just having a few bowls of noodles in soup. But out came a huge plate of steamed red garouper in spicy gravy, sweet potato leaves in sambal and another plate of stir-fried mee sua with prawns. Luckily it was a table of many and the food was somehow polished off. This was meant to be supper hor, after a dinner of burgers and beer. We're disgusting.

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