Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shopping At Lululemon Duxton

I do love Lululemon work-out wear. They're comfortable, well-made and stand up to constant pulling and stretching. Good for running, since I don't run long distances. It's inevitable that most of the work-out wear is bought from the brand, especially after its 2013 pants controversy and after its founder stepped down from the board.

For many reasons, I'm not hot about shopping at Lululemon's boutiques at Orchard ION or Ngee Ann City, even though they're equally convenient. I prefer to shop at Lululemon Duxton. When there're classes offered, the ones at Duxton are preferred. Last weekend, I merrily trotted down to the Duxton boutique to stock up on stretch-sweat-gear, with the full compliments of Amanda Ling (Yogalingini) and Lululemon. HURRAH!!! What a haul I had! Hurhurhur. Many thanks!

Prices in US and Australia are way more reasonable than in Singapore. I get regular shipments into Singapore if I'm not in any US city. Hehehehehehe. But if there're some in-season items that can't wait, then I'll buy them in Singapore. I've erm bought a fair bit of stuff. But more is certainly welcome! Always in my usual colors of black, grey, blue and white. I'm boring. When I fix work-out sessions six times a week, even if the gear dries fast in our heat, there must be sufficient clothes to change-about. In fact, it's so humid that I can live in work-out gear all day.

I'm not into yoga, and certainly not into the asanas. They don't provide any sort of flow or meditative energy for me. If I do them sporadically, it's purely to see if I could utilize the core to do it. Well, the answer is yes, because when I work the core for pilates, it's the same for yoga. Except the years and years of gymnastics and whatever else make it easier for me, even at this age. The thing I let slip, is splits. I don't bother perfecting splits anymore. I don't need my hamstrings that flexible. They just need to be not-so-tight to prevent injuries as my body ages into its fourth decade.

Here's a gratuitous photo of me in a Camel togged out in a pair of Lululemon Wunder Under Crop. :P

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