Wednesday, November 02, 2016

60 Shades of Colors

📷: Y.

Y and I cleared an afternoon in our bit-mad schedules to celebrate the end-of-exams with Missy. Sat down to an unhurried delicious lunch and coffee at Soul Kitchen. Then it was time to play and color.

Missy had new boxes of color pencils and pens. We saved the color pencils for Missy to sort out at home. Those were extras to her usual school supplies. We opened a fun new box of felt-tip pens in its full glory of 60 shades. They're Faber-Castell Connectors that came in a three-tiered pack. Beautiful! One can never have too many markers or pens. They get lost, and ought to be replenished every now and then.

We knew Y wouldn't be able to resist those colors either. Hahahaha. She squealed when the pens came out in three-tiers. So Missy pushed one tier to Y that held her favorite teal, and the adult set about checking out the pens. Woot. Missy and I used the rest to draw a whimsical land of popcorn and flying boxes.

It was marvelous to spend a rainy afternoon quietly doodling. With Ed the Bear poking his nose into everything we did. The cranberry infusion flowed, desserts were eaten and cups of coffee were refilled.

Ah, Missy has grown up so much. Not that she couldn't hold a conversation of her own previously. But all of 8 years old now, her vocabulary has expanded tremendously, along with her grasp of logic and rational argument. First serious academic exams in school completed fittingly as well. Nicely done, girl.

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