Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Over the Diwali Weekend

The Diwali weekend was also Halloween (parties for adults), but yours truly is a party-pooper who never gives a hoot about Halloween by putting on a costume or make-up to go drinking or partying. It was also a weekend when oddly a flood of invites came in for socials, with a dress code. I cringed and retreated into my shell.

However, I did want to make the effort to head to the makan parties with the friends. Those are more precious to me than heading out to schmooze. C cooked a simple dinner at the bar and invited us down to eat and have drinks. We stopped by after the first round- a delicious dinner at G and H's beautiful home. Luckily that dinner started early at 5.30pm, so we had stomach space for a second round at the bar at 8pm. Or rather, I made space for all the awesome spices. Totally not going pass up the chance to eat all these homecooked goodness.

Beef rendang and chicken curry. C cooked two versions- spicy and non-spicy. He tossed up kachumber to go with them. Didn't dare to do loads of meat. But I did copious amounts of curry and rice and vegetables. There were fried chicken wings too. Of course there was basmati rice, and even papadum freshly fried and served up in batches. What a treat! Happy Diwali, sweeties. 

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