Friday, November 04, 2016

A New Water Bottle!

Was gifted a lovely new water bottle by Y. Made by Fressko, it promises tasty water. Heh. It's a mixture of bamboo and double-walled glass. Secretly gleeful that the water bottle came in glass instead of the new vacuum flasks which holds a pink! Muahahahaha.

I'm definitely using this to infuse fruits and herbs with water. Only water. No other liquids allowed. If need be, yeah, smoothies and juices could go in. On work days, it's no sweat lugging a glass bottle to and fro. It honestly doesn't add that much weight if I'm mainly plonked in one or two venues a day. Y said "It's kinda frivolous la". Not at all!! It's such a practical yet gorgeous gift. It's in the perfect volume of 400ml/13oz.

One long day at the office, I even bothered to fill it with a smoothie for lunch and washed it out at the pantry before stealing an orange from the communal fridge for the bottle, then re-fill it with water. I don't care if there're benefits to drinking fruit-infused water. Totally not bothered to leave the bottle in the fridge overnight or whatever. The only reason I might leave it in the fridge is because I want it cold. The water filters at home work great. The main point is for these fruits to mask whatever metallic, flat and stale flavors from tap and boiled water that fills up the bottle through the day.

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