Saturday, November 05, 2016

Took The Lunch Buffet

Pleased with the buffet spread at Rang Mahal. Excluding the appetizers and desserts, I think there were about ten dishes including two biryani- chicken and vegetarian. Got my biryani, curries, sambar and chutney. Happy to sit down with M who's beginning a new job earlier than expected. We're seizing all opportunities to do lunch or coffee instead of dinner which is tougher to schedule.

There was an uthappam station. But with only one choice- cheese. I didn't ask if the chef could do another savory type. The cheese uthappam tickled me to no end. I usually prefer my uthappam done regular with onions and chillies, with sprouts or cabbage. But okay, cheese it was.

Sometimes I wonder at the wisdom of picking a buffet over the a la carte menu. But that lunch, we wanted variety; we're two girls with small stomachs that will never have the capacity to do biryani and two other dishes. A buffet lunch would be ideal if we're having Indian cuisine. I want to taste all 'em curries and gravy!

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