Thursday, November 17, 2016

Laksa At CreatureS

Made our way to CreatureS for some dinner after unsatisfying light bites at a social schmooze. It's been a year since the restaurant opened and the kitchen has ironed out all weird fusion kinks. Loved the scent of lemongrass that greeted us the moment we walked into the restaurant. The current menu sounded pretty fun. Familiar Asian-Peranakan items. However we weren't adventurous enough to try an appetizer of chocalate gado-gado or cauliflower and pink lentil with you tiao dressed with light coconut cream.

Portions are pretty big for two, even the bowls of soup, but good for three to four at a table, share everything! The itek tim which they dared put in the description as "boiled the old fashioned way", and we weren't disappointed. Heh. It was thick, salty and satisfying.There were prawns abound in the dishes, especially in a soup they named 'Broth of Hae' and spicy prawn pasta aglio e olio, both of which I eyed with suspicion and stayed the hell away from.

Loads of pork. Ngoh hiang in the usual form stuffed with minced prawns and pork, and cuttlefish kueh pie tie. The not-strangely named 'Bali' was a dish of grilled pork collar slathered with Balinese style tumeric-based rempah with a side salad of raw baby sprouts and lychee. The salad was the perfect accompaniment to the fiery spices. The sambal belachan was awesome.

I was curious about their fish and congee. But not that keen at S$30 for a portion which by now I know will be nicely done- '喜 Xi', pan-fried medium-rare salmon fillet served with poached white cabbage, and dried scallop congee with crispy bacon slivers. It honestly sounded comforting, but naaah. Another day.

I was there for the laksa, which is only available on Friday nights and weekends. The broth was pretty good. Well, it is laksa lemak, but it held too much coconut milk and to my tastebuds, it became overly lemak and became jelat. If it could ease off a little on that, it would be perfect. The accompanying sambal was great. At S$24, it was a big portion more than sufficient for two to share, full of pieces of chicken, prawns and tofu puffs, slices of fishcake, and four quail eggs.

'Creatures Laksa', nyonya-style.

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