Friday, November 18, 2016

New ISOLATE Ear Plugs

The one accessory I always carry, is a pair of earplugs, even as an awkward teen trying to be cool while getting plastered at Zouk with strange music (mainly house and EDM) that I really can't appreciate.

I've got hypersensitive hearing which is very mild hyperacusis, diagnosed. Not tinnitus, thank goodness. If I want to continue to hang out with the cool kids at music festivals, rock and metal gigs, then earplugs are a must. Needless to say, earplugs in-flight during descent is absolutely imperative. Otherwise the pain in the ears is excruciating and I feel like my head and ears are going to explode.

Earplugs lower dB for sure, but I need them to also maintain sound quality. Over the years, I've been using Etymotic Research, DUBS, Eargasm, and various brands of custom-molded versions. They all work fine. But I'm always on-the-lookout for new stuff. Heh. Kickstarter is a great shopping platform. Hurhurhur. Well, hits and misses, but mainly fun. Flare Audio's ISOLATE earplugs looked great. They're definitely better than the traditional foam earplugs.

Didn't bother with the titanium PRO or platinum-plated. A bit heavy lah. Ordered two pairs of anodized solid aluminium in black and natural in September when the project was already fully-funded. It arrived in super-quick time! Great. Sometimes delivery of items can be way delayed. It's just earplugs. Packaging was snug and compact. The ear-foam come in sizes of small, medium and large. Just nice. The small is my fit, and I passed the extra packs of medium and large to the man, and took his unused small. There's a small impractical pouch to hold those earplugs. Ugh. Why didn't they just use a nifty case or a tube that would better complement these stylish earplugs? Grrr. That would have made it so easy and pretty to carry around.

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