Sunday, December 11, 2016

Checking Against The Cold

For sturdy cold weather rain-resistant gear that doesn't involve leather, wool and cashmere, I'm pretty much loyal to The North Face and Icebreaker. I also like WA's own Eddie Bauer quite a bit. Any wet weather gear with labels of Thinsulate or Gore-tex is wonderful. Decided to try out a set of Lululemon jackets and hoodies this winter.

Earlier in the week while on quick runs togged out in Lululemon tights and a hoodie in 6°C and thereabouts, I saw many fellow joggers who were in shorts. Actually, majority of them were in SHORTS. 6°C leh! Not 16°C! Those flouncy sprinting shorts which are great for tropical heat. WIN LOR. I felt completely overdressed.  

Up in the mountains, snowfall has long begun, it's serious snow; even the PNW ski trails are open earlier this winter. However, the city usually doesn't get any snow. Temps dropped low; it did kinda snow downtown, but it's all slush. Except for Friday when it snowed properly overnight and we could built a tiny snowman and throw snowballs before they melted away by noon. With the cold snap lurking and loads of rain that promise an even colder weekend next, I gotta pull on a thicker wet-weather jacket. 

Down jackets are such wonderful travel coats in winter. They don't weigh down the luggage. As long as the brands adhere to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) sourcing from ethically treated goose, I'm okay with it. I still use leather products. Took out the Lululemon 'Brave the Cold' jacket. The cut and stitching are quite flattering. Heh. It's a lighter 700-fill goose down. So like any other similar fill with a different brand, it works fine against wind, rain and lower temps. All that's left for consumers to decide, is the finishing, and placement of pockets. Preferably with inner pockets too. In winter, pockets are extremely important to me! Especially when I like to head out in the nights without a bag.

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