Saturday, December 10, 2016

Glo's Cafe

Took a slow jog to the Hill on East Olive Way and got on the waitlist for a table at the tiny Glo's Cafe for brunch with K. There's a perpetual line at all times waiting for a table. If it's winter in freezing temps, good luck! The diner fills about 20 diners. 25 would be a squeeze. We were lucky and got our table in 15 minutes.

Most people compared it to say... how a good Denny's should be. But at least Glo's is small and independent, serving up familiar fast food done well. It's a diner. So if you expect it to be a hip cafe, it isn't. Service is nothing to shout about. It kinda works. Whether you get a good or bad experience depends on who your server is.

K and I shared everything. Only ordered two items- 'The Original Scramble' and granola with yoghurt. Portions were more than enough for our stomachs. 'The Original Scramble' comes with toast and four eggs! FOUR. Scrambled with tomatoes, green onions, garlic and cheddar cheese, generously topped with avocado and sour cream. It wasn't too heavy on the cheese, making it delightfully savory. The accompanying rosti was so awesome. What a treat. The granola was sweet. No choice lah. At least the little slice of grapefruit and yoghurt evened it out.  Provided a good bite to the scramble. Sorta like a dessert after our mains. Heh.

We didn't have coffee at Glo's. After brunch, we went to a rightly hip coffeeshop just a 20-minute stroll away. So lovely to catch up with K and how she's doing after doing the big move from east coast to west coast and up slightly north to Seattle.

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