Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fremont Sunday Market

The good thing about visiting friends in Fremont on weekends- they don't have to feed us if we go on a Sunday. There's the Fremont Sunday Market round the corner for hot grub. Just bundle up a little bit. It's really not that cold, and it won't be miserable if it isn't raining.

Got in line at Fire and Scrape for raclette on a sandwich- crisp slices of Fuji apples and parma prosciutto with caramelized sweet onion jam. Fabulous combination. There were a number of cheeses to choose from. Of course I picked a WA cheese from River Valley, Issaquah. Super satisfying. When gobbling food with no cutlery, stand at a heater, take off the gloves and chomp fast. It's winter. Cheese hardens in a minute.

Then we shimmied over to BB Biscuit Box for their special of the day- sage-fennel sausage gravy biscuit with preserved lemon and micro greens. Added a poached egg. YAY. Savory biscuit. The man eyed the sweet ones, but I refused to share and he didn't want to ingest all those calories alone. Heh.

Had space for one more item. That completed a ridiculously filling lunch. Went to Afghan Delicious and took a familiar vegetarian combo. Just the naan, pilao (rice with raisins and carrots), eggplant with tomato sauce and spices, kidney beans with spinach. Not exactly spicy. Maybe it's been ameliorated to local tastes. But it was still satisfying.

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