Friday, December 30, 2016

What A Fabulous Lobster Roll!

I'm not exactly in the right area for lobster rolls. But I had a craving for it after seeing fernoftheforest's IG posts when she went to Boston! Determined to sift through the hype in Seattle to find something half-way decent. Not all restaurants that claim to serve an authentic lobster roll does a good one.

When I sank my teeth into the New England lobster roll at Bar Harbor, I understood the hype. Damn, it was GOOD. The kitchen uses Maine lobster, and menu states 'MP'. Ours were USD21 each. The bun was small, but they packed one whole small-ish Maine lobster in there. Two claws and all the meat. My goodness, the ratio of the mayo and chives and all that was PERFECT. Happiness in a bun, YES.

We could have just had the lobster rolls done New England or Maine. But no, out came New England clam chowder and Dungeness crabs stuffed deviled eggs, and cheeseburger tartare. Sharing ONE lobster roll wasn't an option though. We were so stuffed. Luckily we were bundled up and took a long walk around South Lake Union and over to Kerry Park at Queen Anne to visit the friends.

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