Saturday, December 31, 2016

This Last Day of 2016

As the year closes, my heart aches for worlds torn asunder by war and human strife. We can't help natural disasters although we try out best to safeguard or manage the aftermath. But war and senseless slaughter. This sheltered life I lead doesn't prepare me to even view death and suffering on videos that aren't 'fake news'. I struggle to make sense of it all, every day.

On a macro level, it's been a year that has been chaotic and tumultuous, I need to find hope, seek strength from nature and within. On the personal front, I'm grateful, thankful and content for my privileged existence. By God's grace, there haven't been any upheavals I can't handle or have any distress me to the point of sleeplessness or schlepp around with a heavy heart. I do not have a habit of dwelling on cumbersome issues. I resolve them as satisfactorily as possible (although this won't be the view taken by all concerned parties in any one matter) and make my peace.

Religion and faith, aren't my go-to that answers everything. Not for most things. Some things, yes. I have no desire to be known within the circle of intimates as one 'who's really cheerful and optimistic and great to be around' or part of the shiny happy crowd. I'm more morose than inherently bubbly. I find my happiness in strange little ways. While I'm not saying that my friends are oddballs too, but they must be incredibly indulgent to accommodate me. Hahahaha. To that, I never want them to be anything less than happy and healthy, steadily making what they will of their lives, to have all the best that they richly deserve.

On this last day of 2016, we're reminded that time and history are greater than the sum of man. May 2017 be kind to us.

The rare blue winter skies above Seward Park in Seattle, WA.

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