Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sea Wolf Bakers

I keep returning to Sea Wolf Bakers for a bite or to buy bread and take them back to the hotel, or to the friends' homes as gifts. The bakery has finally opened in this light-filled and functional brick and mortar space in Fremont about three months ago. Such a beautiful backstory to brothers Kit and Jesse Schumann's passion of making good breads.

The bakery mainly does wholesale as a source of income and sustenance. It's essentially not a cafe; there're like just three tables, and no hot food. Just small pieces of pastries. Coffee is simply drip coffee from Kuma, not a full coffee station. Coffee mugs are made by artist Tesha Karpoff and I like how they feel in my hand.

Yes, I've had Sea Wolf Bakers' breads at the various restaurants in town. Its loaves of rye sourdough are legendary. Ciabatta is so good. Great baguette loaves too! Now, it's even more fun to try their daily pastries that the public could buy. Their croissants are gorgeously flaky and light, and not as buttery as the other versions. Whewww. I'm less on the butter and big on that crispy finish. I love their mushroom croissant. Mushrooms, Emmental cheese, garlic and caraway. It's delicious! That's a meal for me.

Have a lovely start to 2017, people. May your hearth be warm, and the new year be filled with splendid breads and and marvelous smiles. 

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