Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hey WA.

Flying into the US in the month before the inauguration of a new President. I don't know what to think. How much of it is bluster? How much is real? Things seem cautiously less pessimistic, but man.....simply reading the President-Elect's Twitter timeline blew my brains out. That timeline can't be faked. He didn't say it's been faked. Ha! Couldn't stop rolling my eyes at the proposed new Trump Administration......just look at some of the appointees and their publicized causes/charities that wouldn't/couldn't have changed overnight......

If political America wants to look inwards, that's her prerogative. Business America will still wiggle around fine. The rest of the world will deal, global connectivity be damned. But if increased bigotry and racism are the outward displays of the changes to come, then we're all unfortunate parties to the writing of this uhh exciting chapter of history. Of course I'm speaking from my perspective.

2016 is a sad year when all my favorite musicians passed on, and in a nutshell, a year when the world goes a tad dippy. I had this whole rant typed out and saved as a draft, but never mind. Hit the delete button instead. Re-typed this post. Put away the analyst-academic hat. I'll just be relieved that Washington State is still largely a blue state (not so much of the eastern parts) in this moment of history. Here's a photo of the last bits of fall on a street in Kirkland. Fall foliage is spectacular but I missed the best of it in November. It's getting difficult to find yellow maple leaves. Most have turned red, brown or fallen off. Winter is creeping up earlier. So it was such a pleasure to look up and find the perfect golden-yellow leaves waving gently in the early morning sun.

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