Saturday, December 03, 2016

To Taipei Via The Hello Kitty Jet

Needed an extra suitcase to lug to USA. Knowing my luck with TSA, I asked the BFF for one that she wouldn't mind losing. I'd replace a new one for her anyway; but I can't substitute any sentimental value she might place on said suitcase.

She's traveling too but she doesn't need this particular suitcase. The zip to the outer front pocket is spoilt. No matter. Not like I'm gonna put anything valuable in there. The other zips work fine. I simply secured it up with a luggage strap, added a name tag and the ugliest scarf to it. Ta-daaahhhh! Sorted. Nobody would take this suitcase by mistake. Sent a photo to the BFF and she rolled eyes majorly at it.

At this point, each trip into the USA doesn't require locks on suitcases. Cable ties suffice. Of course TSA went through the suitcases again. YAWN. At least nothing has gone missing so far, and the contents aren't left messy. They didn't exactly open up every pouch. Nothing broken either. My bottles of sambal and sealed packs of kopi-o are fine.

At EVA Air's check-in counter, I stared at the boarding passes, then our luggage tags with a little despair. Somehow we had unknowingly booked to fly to Taipei (transit) on the Hello Kitty jet, again. AIYOH. The food and utensils weren't that cutesy. My cutlery and cups came in non-offensive stainless steel and glass. But I did walk to the galley to ask the stewardess for a set of plastic cutlery for the BFF. Hahahahah. The toilet paper in a blue Hello Kitty print cracks me up, every time.

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