Friday, December 02, 2016

Firing The Glutes

I don't avoid utilizing the Ladder Barrel. But I'll always pick the Cadillac and the Chair over it. However these few weeks, I'm back to being friendly with the Barrel, and suspension ropes. Using them to 'fire the glutes'. I don't usually sit cross-legged if I can help it. But I still do, so I need to ease out the glutes and hip flexors.

I dread 'legs and butt' day. Quads and glutes. The burn!!! Now, focusing on those glutes deepens the burn. I've been aching in specific areas at the quads and glutes. Targeted exercises can isolate these muscles and make them ache in specific areas. That tells me if I'm working those muscles right. Of course no aches last for days. But I like their presence in the nights or in the mornings when I wake, and feel the aches dissipate through the day.

The Barrel is great for doing supported back extensions and bends, lengthening the obliques and strengthening the upper back. I've also been using it to wake the glutes and have it move more. Although I try not to 'sit' on my butt while standing, I still find myself having to 'spiral' the thighs and stand straight. There're mat exercises to do that, as well as other accessories, like using the resistance band, loop and all. But if I have the benefit of the barrel, it's a much more effective way to work the hamstrings and glutes.

There's no excuse in the world to neglect the body. It's not about getting the best Instagram photo or hitting the ideal weight. It's about owing it to yourself to remain fit, strong and healthy for as long as possible. Glad for a skilled instructor to take me through each Pilates session. Once she ascertains I understand the purpose of each exercise and the intended muscles to be isolated, she focuses on my form. Getting the form right, means the entire body feels at ease, with no strain to any part. When the body is in perfect balance, that is an awesome feeling.

Depending on how much you want to stretch the mid-back, go on and flip the legs over your head.

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