Thursday, December 01, 2016

One Precious Date

There was one precious coffee date with O. I've missed her very much! Between her looooong months-on-end work trips and family obligations, and my schedule, it's so tough to lock down a physical hug-and-chat date. But we made it happen that afternoon.

Given my OCD-ness, I cut O a lot of slack. Hurhurhurhur. She gets special privileges in being able to text me at the last minute to confirm if coffee/lunch/dinner is happening and whatnot. She also gets to decide on the venue literally an hour before we're supposed to meet. Heh. It's not easy for me to meet acquaintances or friends who're skimpy on erm...admin details. Thankfully, all the lovely friends I meet regularly are pretty decisive and prompt on these nitty-gritty stuff. It simply means that there's a chance that these friends and I could work together on projects in our professional work lives. It has turned out pretty accurate. If acquaintances find me a pain in arranging to meet on a social basis without even getting to the actual meet, then it's safe to assume that we won't particularly get along and there's no need to maintain a semblance of a vague acquaintanceship. We won't reach even a superficial level of friendship anyway.

O has been there for me gosh, slightly over two decades. She's seen me through tough times, never questioning, but simply being there when I needed friends, a listening ear, or practical recommendations. I'll always owe her this favor that she can call in again and again. I only hope that I've been there for her, although these few years, I haven't done as much as I'd have wanted to. It was a wonderful time spent catching up with O. Till the next one.

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