Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Red Fang + Torche + Whores

Went out for a night of metal bands! The line-up of three bands was pretty good. It felt like a full house at The Showbox. People who were at the front of the stage were obviously ready to mosh and do violent head-banging. Some crowd-surfing, stage-diving and all. Socks, shoes, tees and whatever else were strewn all over. When we left the venue, we saw some young people sitting outside injured with bleeding noses and others looked like they got hit/elbowed in the face. Ouch.

Anyway, I stuck to my favorite spot in the venue, away from the floor. Fellow audiences around me weren't keen on jabbing people either. Hehehe. We were just bobbing heads politely within our own space. This is probably the last gig we're catching in the city. Bands are taking a break for the Christmas holidays. As it is, their touring schedule seems to have lasted an extra week this year-end. Lucky us.

New-to-me Whores opened the night promptly at 9pm. They're from Atlanta, Georgia. Never heard them and they were pretty hardcore. I wasn't so sure about the singing, or rather shrieking. Still fun. Watching people mosh is definitely more my cup of tea than being stuck in the middle of the mosh pit.

Was thrilled that Torche played too. Ha. I just saw them in May. I like them! Always good to catch a band live, and at these ticket prices, I can't complain at all! Quite a treat.

Glad to catch headliner Portland heavy metal band Red FangWheeeeee. I like them too! At least I know their music before coming to the show. The band came on at 11.20pm. They did a good loooong set. By the time we left the venue at 1am, I was half-stumbling back to the hotel. It was also COLD at -3°C with the wind whipping. Yours truly went to the gig without a winter coat. :P Just wore a tee and a fleece hoodie and ran. LOL.

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