Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Butcher's Table

Went out to dinner at The Butcher's Table. Owned by the same company that owns Beecher's, this new restaurant showcases American wagyu from Mishima Reserve. There're tasting flights of three grades of steaks at 4oz each, and if you opt for standalones, they come in manageable 8oz portions.

An October 2016 review in The Seattle Times informed diners that these steaks are,
"preseasoned with a proprietary blend of spices, lemon peel, chili powder and smoky Lapsang souchong tea and cooked over mesquite, mopped along the way with a sauce of garlic, herbs, balsamic and beef fat."

Mishima Reserve's cattle comes from the offspring of Angus cows and Japanese Black Wagyu bulls. Okay, let's not go into the strict definition of wagyu okay? I don't particularly care. I avoid wagyu and to that, striploin even. My dining companions picked steaks that are equivalent to a USDA Prime because they're not hot about wagyu or extreme marbling at all. They enjoyed their selections of tenderloin, Manhattan, and ribeye in center-cut and flavor curve. All nicely done medium rare to rare.

I'm having severe indigestion. Again. I might have eaten a wee too much meat over the past few weeks. And by that, it's probably not even a carnivore's average daily intake. Perhaps too much sugar has been ingested. Or I simply over-ate and the digestive system rebelled. Whatever it is, it meant I can't eat a lot at any one meal. I won't be able to even finish half a sandwich. :( This will last for a week before the system rights itself.

So at a steak restaurant with pretty decent choices of fish and seafood, I opted for a starter of double beef broth with braised beef shank, chanterelles and bone marrow, and a main of autumn pear salad with smoked prosciutto, pistachio and cheese (Beecher's flagship reserve). I kinda sipped the broth, ate the mushrooms and tomatoes, and passed the meat and bone marrow to the rest of the table. Left the ham untouched as well. Or rather, the friends ate them. No alcohol and no sparkling artisanal soda of any sort. Water was fine.

As a result, I enjoyed my meal beautifully. My food was quite gorgeous. Love the hearty beef broth and naturally sweet pears in the salad. The stomach was not fully calm, but it wasn't angry, and there was only mild heartburn. Whewwww. Nobody worried that I starved. I was among good friends. That gave me lots of leeway to be peculiar. Hehehe.

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