Friday, December 23, 2016

Fremont Coffee Company

Happy to hang out at Fremont Coffee Company in the mornings. It's been many visits to this coffeeshop on this trip. It has been around for almost a decade. Located in this gorgeous house in the quiet residential area of Fremont, it gets pretty crowded but you can easily find a seat here and there in the little rooms. Everyone sits with a laptop or a book. It's pretty quiet, with none of the racket of bigger coffeeshops.

I'm very happy to lug along the MacBook for a coffee and to clear some emails. I could do it in the hotel room, but I kinda like the buzz of other humans all concentrating on whatever they're doing, but plugged into their own world. People are friendly enough, but I love how nobody natters on to anyone else. MOOB. Minding Our Own Business.

I've been ordering either a caffe latte or a caffe breve. There're the regular hearts and swans, cats, little demons, skulls and even Hello Kitty (?!). For these few weeks, somehow mine has always turned up with a snowman as the milk/foam art. Hehehehe. How adorable. I love it!

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