Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Album Leaf

Happy to chance upon The Album Leaf's show at Neumos. Hurrah! The last time they played in Singapore in 2010 was not that fantastic. The sound at that venue was sub-par. Not going to pass up on this gig in Seattle. This is why we try to schedule dinners early, so that we could get to watch gigs after.

Quite pleased to get there for the last three songs by opening band Rituals of Mine. Electronic soul. First time I heard them. Very listenable. Googled them when their set ended and changeover was happening. They had a merch booth, but never mind, I shall buy their music off iTunes.

Woah, The Album Leaf set up that stage nicely, with lighting, fabric screens and minor backdrop projections. Still kept the visual art going. Good vibes. Great sound. They did a good 110-minute set! How awesome. They've got so much material. Since 1999. Honestly, I'm not such a huge fan that I can recognize every song played. I still had to google for the setlist. :P They've got a new album out just in August- 'Between Waves'.

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