Thursday, December 15, 2016


Was scanning the feeds and saw that Rooney was scheduled at Neumos on a Sunday night. Wow! They've completely fallen off my radar. Didn't know Rooney is still touring! They've been around since 1999! Remember their 'I'm Shakin'? They even have a new album 'Washed Away' released earlier in May.

Okay, indie pop night it is. Rooney and SWIMM. We had dinner fixed, but we were determined to catch Rooney. We somehow made it to the opening band, which was SWIMM. Apparently Royal Teeth was stuck on the icy roads, got a flat and couldn't make the drive up to Seattle. So the night was just two bands, which was just as cool.

Rooney was just as fun as the last time I saw them! Hehehe. The musicians have changed of course, but not Robert Schwartzman lah. His vocals are still strong and he still hopped around on that stage like a 25-year-old. Yeah, of course the band did 'I'm Shakin'. I don't think they could ever run away from that. Robert Schwartzman has to sing that one forever. It was such a fun night dancing. Oof. One of the encore songs was so nostalgic!! My goodness. 'If It Were Up To Me' (2003). WOAH.

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