Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thai Food At Isarn Soul Kitchen

There're many Thai restaurants Eastside if we want to satisfy those cravings for chilli and spices. I've eaten at most Thai restaurants in Bellevue, and they kinda suck. Went for dinner at Isarn Soul Kitchen in Kirkland. The restaurant doesn't take reservations but we went late on a week day just before last orders (they close at 10pm; weekends at 11pm), and there were many empty tables.

Ordered conservatively. The food was pretty good! In fact, I like the food so much that I've returned for lunch on my own, and am coming back again. They've learnt to give me spice level 3 out of 3. My vegetarian khao soi was good. Hahahaha. Decent heat! While that som tam puu wasn't anywhere near the spice level I love, the pungent fermented crab and anchovies were awesome. Delicious! The Thai grilled beef salad was dependable and great because it came with all the onions and cabbage. There, roughage.

The lamb massaman curry with roti was lovely, but a tad on the sweet side. The stir-fried squid with salted egg yolk was so legit. Hehehehe. Of course we had to have the token Asian dish of stir-fried vegetables because we didn't feel like any more salad or char-grilled broccoli and collard greens. We skipped noodles or fried rice, opting for brown rice. All that gravy and stuff was perfect with it. It's more or less winter, and after a long day out in the cold and ransacking our brains for inspiration on a work project, we really didn't mind hot food and carbs.

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