Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hey Marseilles

We didn't go to Deck The Hall Ball even though the line-up was pretty cool. There were only three bands we might have wanted to catch, and we've seen them already. So we gave the gig a miss. There're other fun gigs! Say, folk rock in the form of Seattle five-piece band Hey Marseilles. I've been meaning to catch them but couldn't make those dates till this trip. It was either them, or Kamasi Washington who played on the same night.

Went for Hey Marseilles. Not like I'm so familiar with their songs. It isn't that difficult to hurry up and do some homework before the show. A decade of songwriting has produced a solid three albums, and three singles. I was attracted to their music because of their 2010 single 'Rio'. 'North & South' is beautiful too, from their eponymous 2015 album. Their 2016 single 'West Coast' is really catchy too.

I like their live version of 'Horizon'. I wasn't actually sure the band would be interesting live. I like their songs streaming out of my speakers and earphones. Happy to have caught them. It was definitely a mellow night that I appreciated.

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