Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The French Bakery

I've stopped by many cafes in the small town center of Kirkland, looking for coffee or lunch. I don't fancy sitting at restaurants to dine on my own. I can. But the point is- the food portions are too large and nobody reads or do work at restaurants when there're fixed hours for lunch. Cafes are the preferred venues. They're smaller, cosier and nobody minds when I whip out the MacBook. One of my absolute favorite in Kirkland and Belleuvue is The French Bakery (which has branches in both areas).

Love its breads. I wanted to buy all them steaming fresh loaves in the mornings! But I'm not that much of a bread monster. Will settle for single portions on the menu. Good caffe breve and delicious croissants. It does a mean croque-madame and croque-monsieur. I can't quite move away from its croissants, and the version that's very generous with eggs and avocado. 🥐🥑🥚🍳😍

This is one cafe the man and I separately go to. Oof. It's just across the road from our hotel. The bakery opens at 7am, making it perfect for him to grab breakfast before he heads out to work. I clear my emails in the morning before going out and I don't need breakfast. I pop in after barre classes for a bite or to meet the friends there for a coffee. Obviously the cakes in the photo weren't mine.

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