Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Back in the Studio

Getting back into the exercise routine isn't hard. Exercising to keep the muscles warm and stretched is part of the lifestyle that is even more crucial as we get older. It isn't as if I was a complete sloth over the holidays. I kept active, didn't go on an alcohol binge, and I've got no issues with rejecting excessive sugar or junk food.

Didn't bother to run often. It isn't my favorite activity. But cooler weather is an incentive to zip up, get out and do a short run. 24°C in Singapore for two nights in a row with little or no rain? Too good not to be outdoors. Swimming always keeps the muscles well-oiled. Daily stretches done on the floor or the mat are not forgotten. I think the shoulders and quads have been kept on an even keel from all the climbing and diving. What I forgot about- the abs. LOL. Those are always the easiest to lose.

The first session at pilates was ridiculously relaxing. I had earlier sent a text to the instructor, "Go easy on me!" She took me at my words. I felt fine enough to go for a long swim after class. I miss the machines. Oof. At the subsequent sessions, she merrily killed me with plenty of side bends, obliques work and ab curls.

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