Thursday, January 26, 2017

Festive Sugar and Drinks

This time of the year, sugar and sweets abound. But I tend to ignore them, except for home-bakes. I'll make some space for those. I've happily eaten M's irresistible crunchy dark chocolate cookies done with so little sugar the way I love, and J's tasty snack of walnut-filled dried figs wrapped up so prettily. And not forgetting D's addictive canelés whose sugar levels are indiscernible because they held so much rum within. I unconsciously ate too many little rum blobs and wondered aloud why they tasted so good. D went, "Do you know how much rum I put in them?" OH.

It was very nice to meet a separate bunch of good friends for after-dinner-drinks and a chat. Well, to put it bluntly, we simply raided their alcohol cabinet. Single malts as we know it have changed too, in the sense of empty barrels and new expressions. What we're used to drinking way back when are all done and dusted. We have to find new loves.

Someone brought sparkling wine. Nobody drove, and we could simply crash on the friends' couches like teenagers if we got sloshed. Hurhurhur. We toasted to another year in, and a shift in the power balances of the world. Bit pensive. Can we define this century without going falling into the trap of multiple wars and all-out annihilation of world peace? How will the twenty-second century look upon us? We live in exciting times for sure. But which generation doesn't?

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