Friday, January 27, 2017

Two Beautiful Pots

One day, N tossed up two pots from her car boot and asked if I wanted them. She said that her mom made too many pots and couldn't keep them all, and if I would want them. Took a look and decided to adopt them. Love the neutral colors. It's not easy to find pots in color hues I like.

N's mom is quite a practiced potter. She makes very beautiful items! These two pots are in soothing beige/off-white with streaks of grey and brown. Okay, I don't know pottery language or phrases; unable to describe the whirl of colors after being fired in the kiln. :P Anyway, I thought these pots would look nice holding up indoor plants in the MIL's home.

The MIL loves the pots. She thinks it's tough to find nice pots at the nurseries too and she can't be bothered checking out galleries to buy them just to put plants in. She found the perfect use for these two pots- hold phalaenopsis orchids. She generally has pots of phalaenopsis orchids big and small dotting the shelves and tables all year round. The weight of these pots are exactly right to offset the weight of these big petals. The pots are of the right height too, apparently, to balance whatever length of stems with the aesthetic ratio thingy. Okaaaay. I'm just happy that the beautiful pots are put to good use. N's mom is very pleased too. Oof.

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