Saturday, January 14, 2017


At the hotel's quiet-enough lounge on the 33rd floor.

All the Bangkok traffic and crowds were a little jarring from the peaceful week in Rayong. 😐 At least I have a comfortable and quiet hotel room to retreat to at The Okura Prestige. I'm not in the city to do mad shopping or anything beyond the usual stocking up of medicines at Boots. Don't have to traipse all over town searching for restaurants or whatever since all Thai food cravings have been satisfied.

Importantly, I get to have a clean meal at the hotel's very decent Yamazato Restaurant. Well, as in light in flavors, and kind to the digestive system. My tummy is already a little upset, so cooked food is preferable. It isn't food poisoning; tummy is churning due to indigestion and uhh over-eating, so it can still take spices and chillies. Heh. Anyway, there're no chillies to be found in this restaurant's menu. Frankly, Yamazato isn't a place for sushi and sashimi omakase. It does cooked food well, and is fine with kaiseki(There're other better sushi restaurants in town.)

I was greedy and went for the kaiseki. Absolutely unnecessary. I'd have been happier with an udon and three other small items. Anyway, my option of kaiseki held eight courses. Couldn't finish them! Ignored my main of a wagyu-whatever three slices of beef and the rice dish which was a chirashi-don, and dessert of chestnut pudding. Ate the fruits. Tummy was fine.

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