Sunday, January 15, 2017

ดูคุณเร็ว ๆ นี้ประเทศไทย :: ขอบคุณสำหรับทุกสิ่ง

It was invigorating to feel the breeze in my face, sticking my head right here in the sand, and not think about the world or home. It's also time for solitude. That's probably why I love the sea and diving so much. You're effectively alone in the deep blue. That silence is so awesome.

This particular period really induces an aversion to reading headlines, op-eds, comments and even friends' opinions. I didn't swear off social media, but I'm just not on it the way I usually am. Well, having no cellular signal at sea and sleeping by 10.30pm every night contribute loads to diminished screen-time. This break has given me the headspace necessary to deal with all the nonsense this year.

The MacBook sat quietly for most of the time in Rayong. I can get on it when I'm back in Bangkok. Uploading photos from the camera to the MacBook is easy, but I didn't make a conscious effort to edit photos for the blog because I used the time to either read or take long walks by the beach at sunrise and sunset. I only bothered to scribble notes and drafts to save them to be published later. Hurhurhurhur.

Our lovely huge corner suite provided beautiful private time and plenty of space to sit, read and do my stretches in the mornings. In spite of our stern and repeated warnings, the dear friends took care of our entire bill at the Rayong Marriott. ARRRGGGGGGH. Although we took care of gas, food and spa treatments, it's still not enough to cover the cost of a week's gorgeous accommodation in Rayong. The friends knew it, and insisted, delighting in how it chalked up points for their hotel rewards program. Whatever. I give up. Gaaah. Needless to say, the man is flabbergasted, again.

By now the man has settled into an easy rhythm with these friends. Or rather he's a lot more easy-going than I am. So it's probably tougher for me to take to his friends than for him to take to mine. :P Unless I define a group as 'our friends', then that's cool. Otherwise it's virtually impossible for me to even want to go on vacation with people who can't understand how much admin details, space and privacy I require, because you know me, OCD-maximus, fussy and all that.

I'm so glad to have the chance for an extended vacation with these friends who're absolute sweethearts, and effectively family. Time with them is always precious. ขอบคุณสำหรับทุกสิ่ง ฉันรู้สึกปลื้มใจมาก มันน่าประทับใจมาก ขอบคุณสำหรับความเอื้อเฟื้อของคุณค่ะ 💖💫😘

Sneaked a shot. My soul-sister.


D said...

Looks like you are having a great relaxing vacation!

Sorry for being late. But here's wishing you a better, healthier, happier and more positively memorable year in 2017!

imp said...

not at all, dear D. thankyoou for the wishes! To you too.

^cherie said...

I see only lean and strong arms. Nothing else. ♥

b.muse said...

Gorgeous shots! What a beautiful vacation - love your gleeful smile!

imp said...

@cherie: S!!!! To a healthy year for you and your boys! Health is a must. Sending you much strength and hugs for everything else.

@b.muse: I only get these 'natural' shots when the friends sneak them in. Hahaha. Intentionally-posed shots never turn out fun for me. Heh!