Wednesday, January 04, 2017

อ่างศิลา :: ร้าน ร้านอาหารวิเชียรโภชนา

On the matter of food, I made only one request- to have Thai food as much as possible in the local eateries, preferably those with no air-conditioning. We're hugging the coast checking out the seaside towns. At this time of the year, while the South floods like crazy, Bangkok and the east see cool weather hovering at about 28°C, going down to 25°C in the nights. Even 30°C under the sun is not an issue because there's a constant breeze.

The little roads were jam-packed with cars. Bangkok has a three-day holiday over  New Year and everyone has left the city and many have the idea to lunch in the towns an hour or two out of Bangkok. We drove into Chonburi, avoiding the packed eateries, skipped feeding those monkeys and went slightly further towards the town of Ang Sila.

Stopped for lunch at Wichian Pochana (ร้าน ร้านอาหารวิเชียรโภชนา) at the seaside town of Ang Sila (อ่างศิลา) in Chonburi. The little town is known for their stoneware, and sturdy pestle and mortar (saak and krok in Thai, สากและปูน). I exercised great restraint in not buying a set. We sat at the restaurant's open-air main hall right next to the sea. Gorgeous weather now. Not rainy, not as humid as summer months, and with the sea breeze, it's fairly cool even in the mid-day heat.

It would be a whole week of good seafood. We shouldn't begin the trip by over-eating. Hahaha. Ordered conservatively. Still, four beautifully steamed flower crabs and a whole grilled squid arrived on the table. The pan-fried mackerel was so fresh and absolutely delicious topped with oyster sauce, garlic and shallots. One mackerel for each. Cleaned out mine completely, including the head. The tom yam seafood soup wasn't delicate, but it was super flavorful. Perfect for drizzling over a small portion of rice.

Wichian Pochana (ร้าน ร้านอาหารวิเชียรโภชนา)
ที่อยู่ : 43 ถ.รอบเขาสามมุข ต.แสนสุข อ.เมืองชลบุรี จ.ชลบุรี 20130
(Opposite the entrance to temple on the hill Khao Sam Muk เขาสามมุข)
T: 038191787, 0831219081
Hours: 10am to 10pm

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