Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Hello +66!

These few years, we have got our much cherished social circle going on in Seattle late spring and fall and at Christmas. Then we seem to have evolved a new 'tradition' of spending New Year with another set of darling friends in Thailand.

We fly into Bangkok. This city is always the meeting point. Then we'll decide what to do for the rest of our time in the country. Plans are always tentative before we get together. With this group of friends, I'm cool with the uncertainty and all that because when we do decide, we do it fast. We're very efficient because we know one another's strengths and who should be organizing/in-charge-of whatever portion of a plan. Runs like a well-oiled machine. Hehehehehehe. This trust is hard-won, built up over close to two decades of firm friendships and shared experiences.

Flying in, fulfilling some not-too-unpleasant social obligations, turning up at five fairly fun events and gratefully sitting down to a number of happy precious homecooked meals, then our schedules are all freed up. We pile into the cars with small suitcases and uhh laptops because we'll have to clear a few pieces of work at some point. Road trip!!! Hurrah!!!

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