Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happiness At Sea

Considered going to the Khao Chamao-Khao Wong waterfall at the Khao Chamao National Park. Ultimately ditched the idea because the scenery and layout are pretty similar to Pa-La-U Waterfall! Right down to the fish pools. Heh. I might as well hang out every day at sea. Did so! 🖤

I've got fairly bad sun-spots on my face that will only darken; no lightening products will help. The BFF clucks in despair at my seeming nonchalance. The sun-spots have worsened and I should do something about it. But honestly, even in this age of fashion, social media and whatever, I can't be bothered. 😬 I spend so little on skincare, facials and make-up. Not my priorities at all. I've got allergies to calm. Sunscreen and hats and not spending silly amounts of time in direct sunshine will suffice. I love the sea and being out in the sun. Not about to stop that.

I've given up on running or hitting the gym on this trip. Snorkeling is a form of exercise. Did a little spot of light diving too. We can easily find secluded beaches to swim to and fro little rocky outcrops. Swimming in the sea utilizes more calories than in a calm pool. Lived in dri-fit pants and tops all day. They dry so fast anyway. I can swim in them unencumbered. I refuse to wear a bikini at sea. How to properly swim long distances in it??!

Went fishing only for the amount required for lunch. Plenty of snappers. Woooohoooo. Yes, the boat driver packed along knives and steel brushes. We can still deftly scale and gut a fish in a makeshift outdoor kitchen. Hey, I can use a camping knife and not stab anybody hor. Skewering prawns is the easiest. Didn't need the boat driver to do all the work. He chuckled at us. These not-so-green tourists can cook. Hahahaha. In the late afternoons before sunset, when we headed back to the hotel, we gathered mussels from sticks left stuck in the seabed since a day ago. Mussels make great snacks lightly boiled in olive oil, white wine, garlic, Thai basil, chillies, pepper and salt.

Surrounded by the glorious blue and green for hours, I was at peace, and joyful. 💙


b.muse said...

That bicep and the tan! Love!! What an awesome time on the seas. :)

imp said...

The problem with biceps and triceps... they look great in sportswear. But in 'normal' clothes and tees, I just look FAT and BLUBBERY. Boo.

b.muse said...

WHAT NONSENSE. You look trim and toned in other clothes too what. Must be badly angled paparazzi photos that made you think otherwise!

imp said...


M. said...

look at that awesome shine and tan! jealous much but glad you are having an awesome trip!

imp said...

@M : I slapped on a ton of sunscreen! hopefully that tan will even out and won't peel. Love to ya.