Thursday, January 19, 2017

Piblokto's 'Imperfection'

Across The Plateau from PIBLOKTO on Vimeo.

Attended Alexius Cai's gig in support of his new album 'Imperfection' under the moniker Piblokto. The last album 'Colourless Fields' (2013) is soothing, and I was curious to hear how 'Imperfection' will be. Alexius said that the compositions in this album became more focused after the birth of his son and diagnosis with brachydactyly, and credited co-producer Victor Low for giving the album much-needed structure, writing and arranging the strings.

It was a full stage at the show. There was Alexius on the acoustic guitar. Then Sean Lam (of 'Hanging Up the Moon'), Leslie Low, co-producer Victor Low (on the double bass), Evan Low, Andy Chia (on Chinese flute) and a string ensemble that included Natalie Soh (on violins) filled the Esplanade Recital Studio with ambient sounds.

The frequent movement of musicians going on and off the stage between each song was a tad distracting. But I supposed it was the nature of the songs that required some instruments to be present and some didn't have to be. Still. It was a short 75-minute show, so I guess it didn't matter that much. It was a very chill evening. For the very last song, they gave it vocals- they covered Beatles' 'Because'.

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