Wednesday, January 18, 2017

D's Birthday Luncheon

Went to Regent Hotel's Italian restaurant Basilico for a birthday luncheon in honor of D. Forgot how awesome its brunch buffet is. Food's still great. Breads are good. There're plenty of meats, lamb shanks (on bone), mushroom risotto, and sufficient variety of food for different diets. Love those fruit juices. I overdosed on sugar from like five glasses of guava and pink guava juice. :P Made all the noise we wanted in the little room, had time to chat with everyone, and rolled out of there at 4pm.

The best part of the buffet- the cheese room. You so need to get in there. Yup, THE CHEESE ROOM. Italian cheeses mainly- cow, goat and sheep. It's a long table filled with all types of cheeses including a 75% Dark Chocolate Gorgonzola from Lombardia. Barolo wine infused gorgonzola, caprino with pepper and oregano from Pietmonte, sfogliato al balsamico, et cetera. Gorgeous choices of buffalo mozzarella from a few towns in Napoli. I portioned out quite a chunk of stomach space for cheese, and those beautiful beautiful beautiful tomatoes. Mmmmmm.

I had forgotten to take the camera and only remembered it when we drove out of the estate. Had to turn back to get it. I didn't want to just settle for photos taken on the phone. The birthday girl gave strict instructions for 'no gifts'. Fine. So I wanted to capture the memories and laughter at luncheon, to make a gift of something warm and happy for her this first month of the year; for the birthday girl to have keepsakes of friendships that have endured through the years. And I can only do that with a proper camera. Ordered D and everyone to pose. They obediently did so. I got my shots. ✌🏻

Much love and with all our wishes to your happiness, D.

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