Tuesday, January 17, 2017

PJ Harvey at Esplanade Theatre

I'm a huge fan of Polly Jean Harvey, ever since the first time I heard her when I was an angsty teen. Her style has evolved and changed through the decades, and I still like her music so much. Her recent ninth studio album 'The Hope Six Demolition Project' (2016) totally blew me away.

As much as I enjoy PJ Harvey's lyrics and Seamus Murphy's photography, I've not read or flipped through 'The Hollow of the Hand', yet. I'll get there before the year's out. Also didn't zoom to Kinokuniya at her signing session to get her autograph on a copy of the book. :P For now, I'm happy to have watched a great first gig of 2017 at Esplanade Theatre.

Accompanied by nine musicians on this tour, PJ Harvey didn't pick up the guitar tonight. She didn't need to. Spot the legends! There's her long-time collaborator and respected musician and record producer John Parish, and there's guitarist and drummer Alain Johannes Moschulski. The band focused on 'The Hope Six Demolition Project', which explained the odd set-up for the drums. They did some fun old songs. So stoked to hear 'Down By The Water' (1995) and '50 Ft Queenie' (1993) live. Woah.

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