Friday, February 24, 2017

A Body Combat Class

All these gym terms. I was a tad confused by all the classes and the descriptions on Virgin Active's website didn't help much. Had to ask the friends about the differences between 'Body Pump' and 'Body Combat', .

Anyway, I made the mistake of telling the friends that I was going for my first ever 'Body Combat' class. They laughed so loud. They asked me about how I felt about punching the air, fighting invisible ninjas. Hmmmph. They were like, "Why do you even bother?" AIYAH. These people ah! For fun mah. I don't need to spar with people all day or use judo moves or hit a sandbag. I didn't feel like stretching out that day; had enough work done on the abs, and simply wanted to move a little. I was not up to putting on wraps and gloves to the gym's 'V-Fight' or 'Impact' classes that afternoon.

Okay lah, the class was kinda fun. The instructors are crazy fit. They could clearly box methinks; their techniques are sound. But you won't get martial arts pointers here. LOL. Go to a proper certification level course or something if you want that. The whole idea of this 'Body Combat' class is just to emulate martial arts moves. The class was packed! Is it such a popular activity? Jumping around? The music was terrible. I had to try to shut it out.

I'm not sociable and am not fully comfortable joining group workouts. But such is the nature of the gym's scheduled classes. Well, I tend to avoid eye contact with most people, and generally, nobody bothers me beyond superficial civilities. Anyway, my objectives of working up a sweat and moving the limbs for the day were achieved. It wasn't exactly taxing. At least I wasn't drenched in perspiration. FWIW, the class isn't that easy because if you punch hard and pulse and jump all through 30 minutes (out of 45 minutes), you'll burn them 600 calories easy. And yes, fighting invisible ninjas felt pretty all right.


b.muse said...

HAHAHA, well done you on trying it for ONE time! I liked Body Combat on angsty days when I really felt like punching someone, or something. Air or imaginary zombies work. ;)

imp said...

I'll probably dig out gloves and pop in V-Fight or Impact!