Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sleeping Bears 🐻

When the man and I travel, sometimes we get two queen beds instead of one king bed. Often, it's very nice to have the whole bed to myself. 😬 Very nice to not be rudely jabbed in the eye or slapped awake by an errant hand or stray elbow. Anyway, we never sleep curled up together. Cramps lah! It's ridiculously uncomfortable. Sorry folks, the movies lied. 

At home, right from the start when we first moved in together, we have two separate blankets on the bed. I insisted on that. It isn't possible to share one. I do not share blankets. Over the years, stuffed toys of sorts have creeped up on the bed. Okay, mainly animals, not cartoon characters. Now these fluffies get rotated about; they are washed weekly and sunned before being kept for the next rotation. However, two big brown bears and two cows hang out permanently. The bears are mine and the cows belong to the man. But he has taken to claiming a bear for himself. Fine, he can have one.

The other night, the man went to sleep with my two bears. I tried to slowly pull one back. Didn't work. He hung on to both bears. Stopped pulling and read a bit. After an hour, I slipped my hand into his. Still asleep, he obediently and automatically held it. So I got the other hand on one bear and wrestled hard. No luck. He simply turned to the other side, pinning the bear underneath and away from my clutches. Whaaaaaat. He'd take my hand but not give up a bear. Thief! 😠

The next morning, he claimed complete innocence of stealing the bears. He tends to wake up earlier than I do, and often, even if he has stolen them bears in the night, he places the bears back in my arms before leaving the room. That night, I took both bears, hid them under my blanket and refused to give him one. Pfffft. 


coboypb said...

Haha.I smiled as I was reading this. I can imagine a possible tug of war if the blanket is shared.

Larissa Lim said...

At least your bears stay on the bed hahaha. Mine get unceremonially kicked off save for the one that was picked to be cuddled. Don't think they are very pleased about that at all. Oops.

Liverella said...

Hehehehehe... this post made me laugh out loud! Husband and I still try to share the same blanket but he is always under my mercy... cos I somehow burrito-ed myself with it ��

nua-ster said...

yup! two blankets - the only way to go.. ;)

haha.. even in his slp.. he is adamant not to have u spoil his (evil) stolen-bearS scheme.. your bears must have been confused over that change!
"Mummy! help!! *cries which got stifled when your man rolled over*

imp said...

coboypb: no sharing! I have a habit of wrapping myself like a burrito in the blanket. So no way to share blanket! I try to ask for two beds on vacations with girlfriends too. Heh.

Larissa: Orrrhorrrr. All get thrown off the bed except for one??? Can you imagine the ruckus before bedtime? All nudging themselves to look very cute so they'll be picked for a cuddle that night. Kekekekeke.

Liverella: Hurhurhur. For our sanity, we should ask for two blankets at the hotels. Otherwise in winter, it'll be WAR. :P

nua-ster: Ha! Maybe! But perhaps I have traitorous bears who would just toddle over to anyone for hugs, honey and alcohol. :P

b.muse said...

Hurhurhur.. are one of the bears big, with the name starting with A? ;D

For simplicity my poor bears (or donkey) hardly ever get any space on the bed, better don't let them hear about their friends in Aunty Imp's place who takes turn on the comfy mattress!

imp said...

b.muse: Yes. That one in particular is rather traitorous.

bag fluffies stay in the bags though.

jo said...

Hahahahaha. Dan needs a bear of his own. Seriously.

imp said...

jo: YAH LOR.

he will tell you he has enough bears. and simply keeps on stealing mine.

well, not that we haven't tried looking. but not all bears are made equal. some are rather...ugly..........