Wednesday, February 22, 2017

That Blue Dinosaur Motif Pouch

Opened up the envelope and started grinning. It was a little pouch I had wanted to get, but didn't get around to sorting it out and then completely forgotten about it. On a random day, it arrived as a gift from J. I don't recall mentioning anything to her. So it was a wonderful surprise!

It's pretty well made. It's that blue dinosaur pouch with its motif drawn by Sheng Jie from Pathlight School. Now I understood why J only asked me an all-important question, "Blue or green?" At that time, I didn't know why she asked and of course she refused to tell. Apparently there's a version in green and teal too, as well as brown and pink. I like this blue much much better. When in doubt, I will always pick blue over green. :P Hurrah!

J had helpfully suggested that the Kindle fits into the pouch. The Kindle goes into it fine with a few essentials of lip balm, eye-drops, two credit cards and cash. Quite spacious. However, I first used it for a less glamorous purpose- to contain ang pows during the lunar new year. Hehehe.

Now, I can simply carry it out on days when I don't need the whole bag of assorted essentials. Minus the Kindle. The denim pouch is lined with nylon, making it water resistant. On days that I might get rained on, I simply plonk the essentials within a ziplock in another water resistant pouch, and slide them into the fabric pouch, effectively ensuring that hours of rain won't kill the phone or cables or cash.


jo said...

Wee! Glad to see it serving you well :)

imp said...

it's definitely practical! love it.