Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Getting Prata

While sending L and P to the airport, we stopped at Springleaf Prata Place at Jalan Tua Kong for an early dinner. This was a short stay in Singapore for them. Given their packed itinerary chockfull of meetings, they wouldn't have had the time to go out to any prata stalls or biryani shops for a few good ones. We had an hour before they were due to check in at the airport.

Pure carbs! Mmmm. We ordered prata kosong and chicken murtabak, accompanied by fish curry. It's gotta be fish curry. The chicken curry here isn't good. Ordered mutton curry too. For more flavors, beehoon goreng ikan bilis putih was added. I really didn't know how we polished off all these dishes. There was even a chocolate-banana prata, which was totally eaten.  

It was raining heavily and this meal totally hit a spot. It would definitely be better than a meal in-flight. We know the friends love spices and local eats like these. I needed a cold drink, which came in the form of a 'less sweet' teh ais limau. Our guests washed down dinner with steaming hot cups of teh halia, something unfamiliar yet familiar. Ginger tea with milk, Singapore style. They loved it.


D said...

Happy birthday Imp! What a creative, healthy and yummy cake!

imp said...

It was! Thank you D! :)