Saturday, March 18, 2017

Coffee In A Chocolate Cone

It was just before lunch and I was at a random cafe getting a banana and a coffee when J's text came in. Went 'WTF' and stared up really hard at the microwave oven behind the cashier. (See reference to surveilance gadgets.)

How would she know where I was when I didn't update anything on social media or talked to anyone since waking up five hours ago?! I was a little busy to be staring at the phone anyway, till now. The text read, "Are you going to be in the Duxton area at lunch time by any chance?" Ehhhhh, yes, I was headed to Duxton Road in fifteen minutes.

J really really really wanted this coffee in a chocolate cone cup at MavRx Coffee Apothecary. She said it had been months since the tiny coffeeshop brought in these cone-cups. Obviously she wanted it enough to hightail out of the office downtown to get a caffeine injection. LOL. Needless to say, I was very impressed by her dogged determination to get a good cup of caffè latte. Never underestimate a caffeine craving.

I stop by MavRx rather often to get a to-go cup. I was happy to see the woman on a random date, and certainly didn't mind a second cup of coffee. Merrily strolled over to Duxton Road. It was only slightly past noon. Coffee was nutty and all chocolate. At S$10 a chocolate-cone-cup, this was dessert, totally. (Their regular coffee with milk is S$5.) It was good!


coboypb said...

I want to try this coffee dessert one day! :)

imp said...

if you don't happen to be in the area, text them before you specially go down! they don't always have the cones.

jo said...

:D Heeeeeee.
And yay to impromptu coffee dates!

D said...

this is interesting! i've got to try this when I'm back!!!

imp said...


D: hopefully more cafes might this option by then. :)