Friday, March 17, 2017

Fitness Goals

The friends and I have kinda stopped heading out for drinks. I've purposefully cut down on alcohol for the past two years. I think I'm doing pretty well. The friends are beginning to do that too, on the premise that we don't have fatty livers and any sudden medical conditions that have attacked the body as a catalyst for a renewed interest in upkeeping our fitness levels. We seem to want to do this as a pre-emptive measure.

When the friends and I try to match schedules for a meal this year, we keep hearing,

"I've got yoga. Can't do that timing. How about an hour later?" 
"I'm headed to the gym! How about tomorrow?" 
"I'm doing inversions today. Can't eat before. Can we do a late lunch?" 
"I'm tied for pilates. Can we shift lunch later? Or get a coffee earlier?" 
"I'll be all hot and sweaty after spin class. Can we do hawker centers or kopitiams?"

What's up with this year? It seems as though everyone has consciously allocated time for fitness pursuits of their choices. The only problem- we don't always want to do the same activities or head to the same type of gyms and studios. The gyms and studios we've signed up with also hold different cancellation policies, so it also depends on who's more flexible on the matter re-scheduling classes.

But we love one another and do want to meet. We either grudgingly trudge to the other's class just to check it out or take it as cross-training, or we shift schedules to meet for meals after whoever's classes. Long may this continue!


b.muse said...

Hehehe, love it!

My favourite was when we all bundled into one car and headed to the gym together, bright and sunny during the weekend, then proceeded with our individual workouts and regroup for lunch after! :D

imp said...

aye aye!