Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nyonya Dry Mee Siam

When the friends told us to come over to the mother's house for dinner, we never say no. It's quite a treasured sort of invitation. ๐Ÿ˜ However, we're a little hesitant because we know how much effort the mother puts in to get dinner on the table. She has help, of course, but still. The mother is a wonderful cook and feeds us non-stop through the years with a parade of delicious foods from her Peranakan kitchen, many of which we won't see or taste at the restaurants. Oof. 

Dinner was nyonya mee siam, ! Hurrah! Thick bee hoon was used for this round. If you like your mee siam dry like how I prefer it, then don't ladle so much gravy into the plate. Otherwise, feel free to soak it up. There was a full plate of ngoh hiang too. Every ingredient including the skin was homemade and fried just before we arrived. I really like this version- smaller than the average ngoh hiang, and it's more elegant because it's not chockfull of meat.

We found space to squeeze in the mom's dessert of beancurd skin and gingko nuts with barley (็™ฝๆžœ่…็ซน้›ž่›‹่–็ฑณ็ณ–ๆฐด). It was served refreshingly chilled and not sweet! Wheeeee. While it isn't something I'm used to after meals, this sort of Cantonese style ็ณ–ๆฐด dessert, I still slurped it up. When everything is homemade, this appreciative guest will not allow leftovers on the table.


Su-Lin said...

That's how I eat my mee siam too!! Dry.

imp said...

At the end of it, i might scoop in extra gravy and sip it like soup! Just for an extra tangy kick!