Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Checking in at LeBoot Classes

I've always been highly resistant to doing cardio activities unless it's masked in some form of fun. UGH. Running, Tabata/HIIT, circuit or interval whatever-thingamajig, Spartan races and Crossfit are low on my list of preferred exertions. BUT I have to do some form of aerobic, anaerobic and plyometric exercises regularly before I step into my fourth decade and the body's hormones shift again. Whatever I do now is to cushion my body for a loss in bone density, the onset of potential osteopenia and osteoporosis.

My most hated exercises are mountain climbers, jumping jacks and burpees. Trainers simply love using these as warm-up. Yucks. I simply refuse to do them. Instead of running or jumping them, I walk. Hahahah. I love how Pilates already grounded my posture when it comes to climbs, push-ups and lifts. Those one-to-one Pilates sessions specifically targeted my weak spots. "Slide the shoulder blades down!""Lift the waistline!""Spiral your thighs!" These are reminders I take to every workout at the gym where I don't have the benefit of a personal trainer.

Got dragged out to a few sessions of LeBoot at the gym. It uses equalizers, or in this case, Lebert EQualizers. You jump, squat, dip, lift, pull, push, crawl and jog. How each session goes, is completely dependent on the trainer doing it. Some go for the cardio component, and some do a lot of core work, balancing and climbing. (Watch those videos on youtube! Plenty of good ones.)

The classes so far seem to hover mostly at beginner level to work on strength, agility and cardio. The intermediate and advanced levels look a lot like calisthenics, and well, yes, yoga or pilates moves, requiring loads of core and shoulders. I don't mind LeBoot as a form of heavier cardio workout. To me, a 45-minute LeBoot is almost as strenuous as a 50-minute class of barre or POP Pilates. :P These require an almost similar amount of exertion.

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