Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Farewell Cafe Pal

Before Cafe Pal permanently closed on 12 March 2017, I squeezed out an hour to hop in for lunch with Y. She loved its orange chiffon cake with chocolate sauce at the side. I'm not so keen on desserts, so my default foods there were always its clear tom yam soupphad thai and som tam (although it could be a lot more spicy). Many loved its basil minced chicken with rice and an egg sunny-side-up.

The nondescript no-firm identity quiet cafe was a perfect hideout in town. It's a great place to hang out in the middle of the afternoon too. Unpretentious. I've enjoyed its casual vibes for four years. I'll miss it. The cafe did good teas, and surprisingly decent caffè latte, chiffon and coconut cakes.

Although Cafe Pal was great company in my tea journey in those strange years, I'm glad that my memories of the cafe aren't just about tea or tea workshops. That would suck. I no longer even drink tea seriously and mostly avoid it. Those gorgeous refreshing fruit infusions aren't counted. Coffee is my preferred form of caffeine intake. It's the cafe's laid-back vibes and Thai food that I appreciated.

Cafe Pal's Thai food menu was supplied by Yhingthai Palace Restaurant just across the street. I haven't heard anything about Yhingthai Palace closing. So that's good. At least I still have one nice Thai restaurant to eat at. Apparently there's gonna be one last hurrah in April. I've no idea about the format or what sort of a party it is. Gotta check their Facebook page for updates.

Thanks for the awesome food and drinks, Victor and Claire. It's been a good run indeed. Happy holidays and all the best to your future endeavors!

The girls made me a bear! Y said it looked like a schnauzer. Heheh.


Cavalock said...

Thanks for introducing me to the place. Will miss it too.

imp said...

Glad you managed to have a few meals and drinks there before they closed!

coboypb said...

I didn't get the chance to visit it :(

imp said...

coboypb: aiyah.

b.muse said...

So bummed that I missed going one last time before it closed, to think we were just talkign about it the other day! :(
Ah well, will keep my eyes peeled for the April do.

imp said...

b.muse: acccck.