Monday, March 13, 2017

'How I Feel Today'

A girlfriend had thought I would like Dana Zemack's quirky illustrations and her 'zombie ballerinas'. She bought me a print and postcards from her. She was right. Since then, I've been a fan. I love Dana's illustrations!

A few years back, I also bought lots of postcards and cards from Dana's now-dormant danavore Etsy shop. She continued with the illustrations. While she doesn't post frequently, she's active enough on social media. I always look forward to the next illustration she posts, and hope to see more.

When the Kickstarter campaign came along for a comic book, I was all for it. It was fully funded in May 2015. I waited, and waited and waited. By mid-2016, I wasn't even mildly annoyed at the delay. I suppose that in the world of backing Kickstarter campaigns, the long wait for Dana Zemack's hand-illustrated book of 'How I Feel Today' is quite normal. It might not even be considered 'long'.

Between 2015 and 2016, the artist moved across states and set up new homes. I think she got married too, and she changed her surname from 'Marcelle' to 'Zemack'. I guess it was about managing expectations- US$58 for two copies, it wasn't that much. I'd take it as a contribution to the artist, for all the free ones she drew and generously shared. There were project updates along the way, and the book finally went to print. Was really pleased to receive the signed copies in the mail late February 2017.

It began as a hobby for Dana, and I'm so glad to see her illustrations compiled into this little book. What a labor of love. 'How I Feel Today' is a happy read. If you've followed her online, then a few pages would look familiar. Feel free to disagree with the words or whatever, but it's pretty much a collection of the illustrator's perspectives and viewpoints. I rather adore her ballerinas and how they look in print, in hard copy.

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