Friday, March 10, 2017

Oasis Taiwan Porridge

This late night supper joint has completely fallen off our radar till the friends mentioned it. For years, I never bothered to track down whether it had closed down totally or it simply shifted elsewhere. Nice to know that Oasis Taiwan Porridge is now located at a little standalone spot further up from Toa Payoh Stadium and swimming complex.

Went by at 11pm for some much-needed dinner. Prices seem okay, especially when we don't order the fish and prawns and seafood items. This late at night, we just wanted something easy to digest. The restaurant opens till 6am apparently. Waaah. LOL when I got there. What a scream. The decor is still so old-school kitschy. Hurhurhur.

The menu was extensive! We wanted something simple. All I was gunning for, was chai poh omelette. Those salty bits of preserved radish. Love! The French beans stir-fried with sambal were done nicely crunchy. They were out of braised duck, so got the braised pork belly in dark soy. It wasn't finished because everyone avoided the fats! Hahahhaa. I had zero interest in the meat but liked the salty gravy! Avoided the braised pig intestines too. No idea why, but perhaps the increased cardio this week induced greater food intake. I was hungry enough to slurp up three small bowls of porridge. By my usual standards, that's two bowls too many. Didn't mind carb-loading because I had a heavy session at gym the next morning. Oof.


coboypb said...

Ooh porridge with sweet potato. The dishes sounds yummy too.

imp said...

actually i have no idea if that's sweet potato or pumpkin. hehehe. i didn't eat it. :P

the prices aren't so nice. but i suppose for air-conditioning, the table-cloth and late-night service, okay lah.