Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lunch at Elemen元素

J efficiently got us out for lunch at Elemen元素. Opened by the people behind Koufu, the vegetarian fusion menu is very on-trend. Ermm, it's got a super similar concept to SUFOOD, including the set menus, especially in those rosemary breadsticks. The breadsticks even looked the same.

It doesn't really make sense to order a la carte, when a main is already S$16++. So we opted for the S$23.80++ five-course menu which included a drink and a dessert. My apple kale juice totally hit a spot. J's iced lychee green tea was a tad sweet.

There were appetizers, and starters of a spinach salad and a double-boiled maca soup. My main of salted egg pasta was fine! Wasn't salty enough. :PpppP J's main of edamame tofu with black truffle wild rice was delicious. I suppose you kinda need to like Chinese desserts- they were safe enough in the form of coconut-infused jelly with watermelon sorbet, and snow osmanthus with grass jelly. The portions were totally sufficient for me. Bigger stomachs might want to go for the eight-course set.

I liked the food! Whatever I had that day was low on salt and pretty tasty. But I didn't think they went low on sugar too. Ha! Lunch was good, and the company made it all the more delightful. 


coboypb said...

I would go for the soup and wild rice again if the other main courses don't appeal to me :)

imp said...

your wild rice was good!