Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Anti-Gravity Fun

Began anti-gravity classes at the gym. I love them! If not for V who has been raving about how awesome they are, I wouldn't have even tried them out. I'm beginning to discern the differences between the gym's anti-gravity aerial/yoga and anti-gravity pilates. Am still afraid of face-planting though. I'm not fully acquainted with the techniques or how to fully utilize those silk hammocks, so learning how to do that is half the fun.

These classes feel like comfortable massage sessions; they're way less grueling than my usual pilates sessions at a dedicated studio. Sure, the poses are familiar, some form of flexibility and the same upper body and core strength are required, but not too tough. In fact, it's helping me stretch out those tight hamstrings and hip flexors. There're over 1200 poses in the teacher-training manual anyway, so the instructors always throw in challenging modifications to certain poses for students keen to try. The silk hammocks act as a leverage for most movements, making them easier, requiring way less effort. Imagine doing those inversions on the Cadillac. My gawwd. There're Level II and III classes, or you could ditch this gym and head out to the pole and aerial fitness studios, but what for? These are fun. I want a stretch, not a mad challenge or to become an aerialist.

I honestly think everyone that should go for at least five individual pilates sessions at some point. A good Pilates instructor can help you so much with form, posture and alignment, identify weak spots and teach you how to utilize your muscles. Once you get that, you're good to go for any type of classes without straining anything. However, gym classes are done in groups, and won't have the benefits of an instructor helping you to isolate those muscles and work on them specifically. You're on your own. I use the gym for strength training and some semblance of cardio workouts on days when I just want to move a little more.

📷: V, who cheekily took a shot of my nice big printed butt.

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